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Nurse Coaching Testimonial - Irene

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

You make me feel seen and special, and I am so grateful to have worked with you

My daughter suggested that working with you specifically as a nurse coach would help me begin to navigate the world of cancer treatment while I was shell-shocked by my diagnosis. While I am not particularly virtuous in all aspects of my life, I have done my best to eat well, exercise, and do all I knew to keep myself healthy. There was no cancer in my family history.

What you did for me was so valuable. You were there to listen to all my doubts and questions, provided a framework for me to start my own inquiry, and were able to provide a professional viewpoint when I asked about doctors and processes. What impressed me was your dedication to the process. You did research. When I asked for meditations, you had them right there. When I needed a strong framework you walked me through smart goals to take each part of my large bundle of doubts and make them manageable. For instance, with my food issues, we broke it down to eating only one piece of bread a day, allowing myself that instead of saying no bread. When I was tempted to eat something not good for my pretreatment prep, we made a mantra to allow me to return to my greater good. We created visualizations to allow the tumor to shrink. And so much more.

We could get silly about imagining all the temptations that make me veer off the path as a gremlin on one shoulder, vying with the angel on the other. And no judgment from you when I talked about the tumor shrinking on her own, and giving her a name, and thanking her for the lessons. What a relief to be able to express that!

I really enjoyed working with you, Dana. You are the first person that I talked to about my diagnosis other than my family, and I was able to put aside all my reluctance to open up. I have been quite uncommunicative and shy for most of my adult life ( I know, hard to believe), so having you be so open and non-judgmental was a huge gift. I believe that this is your special gift. You are so incredibly kind, yet focused on our goals, so we got a lot done.

I am much less afraid of treatment, much more willing to talk about what is going on with me, and I have gained so much confidence in my ability to do what needs to be done. Still needing to do more self-care, as that does not come naturally.

I absolutely recommend your coaching to anyone who is needing more confidence, knowledge, support in their life transitions or to recognize the need for transitions. All of us thrive when we are seen by another, and Dana, you make me feel seen and special, and I am so grateful to have worked with you.

Irene Pritsak, age 68

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