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Nurse Coaching Testimonial - Bernadette

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

She gave me the space to feel open and excited about sharing my fears and dreams

I am totally AMAZED at how Dana, my nurse coach, got me back on track. I am an ICU nurse of 26 years. It would take me several pages to testify about my last 2+ years as an ICU nurse. Let me tell you that these last two years have been challenging.

About December 2020, I finally lost it! My dad died on 12/17/2020 of Covid. One month prior to my dad dying of Covid, he was put into isolation. No one at his side to give him comfort, no one to be his advocate. No one to call for help when he couldn't breathe or if he was scared. As an ICU nurse, this tortured me!

I was way far away in Lancaster, California. My Mom was basically without information and updates because of how slammed the hospital was. I would get off of work, and my mind would go into panic mode. I was holding it all together all day, trying to save everyone and not being

successful at all. This takes a HUGE toll on all of us.

I have always been that nurse who was ZEN, peaceful, and calm during a storm. This Pandemic kicked my ass on my ZEN SPACE. I WAS drinking beer/ wine/ vodka every night, when I got home from work and on my days off... well, I was drinking then too! Just 2 or 3 drinks or

glasses. But what I needed was to relax. And I had forgotten how to relax in a positive, healthy way!

Then Dana came along and helped me get focused. It made me realize I had the ideas and knowledge and "want to" inside me. Helped me formulate a plan to get back to me and my life I WANT and planned on having!!

NOW... I'm doing my yoga, eating healthier, and having adventures I only dreamed of. I hiked to Narnia; I'm exploring yoga classes and gardening. I'm excited and taking care of myself.

I'm still an ICU nurse. And I still LOVE being a nurse. But even this nurse needed help getting back on track after these two plus years of "crazy"!

It takes a village to survive this life! I WILL and always would recommend Dana as YOUR nurse Coach! She is amazing and will make you feel inspired and, clear your brain/thoughts, get you focused and back on the right path that is for you. She gave me the space to feel open and excited about sharing my fears and dreams!

I think Dana is an amazing Nurse Coach and is so very intelligent as a medical provider also! Charm, smile, intelligence, knowledge, experience, no judgment. Encouraging, supportive, and there are so many more positive adjectives I could say.

You will enjoy your sessions, but more than that, you will finally get back to yourself, your dreams, and the life you intended.

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