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Mindfulness Testimonial - MN

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

You helped me to get back to the point of origin

I wanted to thank you for our mindfulness sessions! You have such a wonderful gift of yourself, meaning just seeing the joy on your face, the sound of the calmness in your voice and the love sparking through your eyes during each Mindfulness session. I enjoyed our sessions, you helped me to get back to the point of origin, the center of my being, focusing on what mattered to me the most, my faith. I felt centered, calm, relaxed and at peace after each session, considering everything going on in my life, you helped me to find peace in the midst of the storms. I highly recommend you as a Nurse Coach and Mindfulness Leader!

Thank you so much for giving of yourself, you are an amazing Nurse Coach, with so many gifts and talents, but by far a gift and talent for healing!

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