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Nurse Coaching Testimonial - Kevin

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

It's always important to have goals set and be a goal-oriented individual

Hello, My name is Kevin Caballero, and before I started these coaching sessions I was having a hard time dealing with politics at work. I was also waiting to hear back on any updates having to do with the case I had filed with USCIS. These coaching sessions positively impacted my life by giving me a safe environment in which I could express myself and lay everything out in the open. These sessions allowed me to talk through some things I hadn't talked to anyone about, such as very early life circumstances that shaped the person I became. At times I would want to repress any experience I didn't want to talk about. I felt it was easier to not think about my past, however by being able to talk about my past during a coaching session, I was able to hold a mirror up to myself and deal with some not-so-pleasing aspects about the way I am. Also, your insight was highly appreciated as well as all the resources I was given to get a new perspective.

My experience working with you was a true delight, as I touched on earlier I felt completely safe sharing without holding back. I was always listened to and I was allowed to say everything I needed to say. I never felt interrupted or cut off at any point in our conversations. I loved the feedback I received in real time while we were talking. I felt like I was always talking to someone that was genuinely listening to me and that cared about my improvement.

I loved how easy it is to have a conversation with you and how I felt like I was having a conversation with a trustworthy person and not just someone that wanted to go through the motions with me.

I received so many benefits from our coaching sessions. I am less critical of situations and actively feel like I remind myself of things that are going right and not just dwell on the not-so-ideal things that I encounter. I actively seek out more resources to get different points of view like podcasts or different articles I find online. One very important achievement was being able to identify why I became so critical of everything. Another achievement was being able to be more grateful for everything good and bad because even bad experiences can be learning experiences.

New insights I discovered were also how to be able to be honest with myself and sincere about what I need to work on. I was happy to know where to look for outstanding podcasts that are very insightful in looking at things from a different perspective. I learned how to be patient and definitely remind myself things happen for a reason. I reminded myself that it's always important to have goals set and be a goal-oriented individual.

I would highly recommend your coaching to anyone who wants someone to talk to and wants to be listened to. I would recommend this to anyone looking for self-improvement and any individual of any age group. Anyone looking to grow as an individual because we never stop learning and I believe anyone at any age can benefit from these sessions and benefit from a remarkable and magnificent coach like you.

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